Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey guys!

Another new toy day! I've just picked up the Line 6 POD HD500 and it is KILLER!

I'd like to thank the guys at Thomsun Pure Music for being awesome and helping me get a hold of this new baby! (Do check out their music institutes at Popular Music Institute and Sing and Swing Training Centre)

I'll post a proper full length review of this pretty soon! For now, I will leave you with the usual unboxing photos:


Monday, June 18, 2012

Benevolent to Open for Nervecell in Dubai

Hey guys!

That's right! Gonna be hitting the stage with Benevolent LIVE on June 29th opening for Nervecell as they stop in Dubai during their Psychogenocide Middle East Tour!

Check below for the event information, come down and slug it out with us.

Official Event Page on Facebook
Event's Official Website

We are all super psyched to be a part of this gig and we can't wait to see you all out there from the stage.

See you there!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Song! Orchestral Soundtrack Blockbuster Content

Hey guys!

So I did this little tune for the fun of things! It's a soundtrack-ish type of piece with a blockbuster feel and, of course, metul!



Offering a New Service: Producing Bands

Hey guys!

I figured I'll put this out there publicly as I've been corresponding with a few people on producing their band's work. If you've got a band or you're a solo artist working on a song/record do hit me up as I'm going to be offering this service now.

The production stuff can involve things such as:
  • Songwriting advise
  • Instrument layering and textures
  • Guitar/bass tone crafting
  • Drums programming and drum tones
  • And more!
Additionally, as an added option if you would like the work to be mixed/mastered I can arrange for that as well with my good buddy Sajid "Sarj" Masood from Sarj's Studio, who mixes all the Benevolent (Divided EP and the upcoming album) stuff and other projects that I've worked.

Shoot me an email at or on my Facebook and we can talk it out.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Writing a Song in Memory of David Gold

Hey guys,

So I've been working on the tribute song for my good buddy, the late, David Gold (Woods of Ypres). I am pretty sure this post is going to be a bit of a dull read but I feel the need to write this since this page has become a point of ventilation for all sorts of stuff that come to mind in the musical spectrum, and though David was a friend and not a band mate or someone that I worked musically with, he was and remains to be an inspiration, and his music has been influencing my work on the Benevolent album.

When writing this song, the part that mostly gives me some aching is that David's not around to hear this piece or the rest of the Benevolent album. We often spoke about this and I kept updating him on our work even while he was on tour with Woods.

Every time I listen to the progress on the song so far, I just ask myself "What would David think of this piece?" and I suppose this has led to a Woods of Ypres feel to the song.

But, what is the image that the song should depict?

I believe that words cannot be said to pay tribute to a good friend, but music can get me closer to translating all this stuff.

I do hope that the song reverberates and shines as a melody that attempts to represent the feelings behind the loss of a great friend.

Rest in Peace, brother!