Friday, February 15, 2013

Ignite Amps / Benevolent TYRANT SCREAMER plugin TEASER

Hello everyone!

So the awesome guys from Ignite Amps decided to post up a teaser of the plugin version (AU/VST) of our Signature Benevolent Custom Pedal TYRANT SCREAMER and we thought we should share it with you all!

Check out the photo below and be teased!

We are going to be releasing a demo video soon where we'll also announce the date of when the plugin version will be available for download!

This is one of those moments that makes me extremely proud as a musician. I am very fortunate to be working with such awesome people as Carlo Costabile and Federico Berti from Ignite Amps. Please check out their website and give them a like on Facebook to support them (you can also donate to them for their efforts in all the FREE audio production plugins they've been releasing for us guitarists and bassist across the globe).

Speak soon!