Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hey guys!

So I just received the pictured baby in the mail today, ordered it from and it’s the AMT Electronics E-1 pedal which is a JFET-based preamp pedal cloning the gain channel of the ENGL Fireball.

It’s the size of my hand, so it’s pretty small (unless I have a big hand, that is), and it’s got five knobs on it so operating it is no rocket science; and even better, getting a sick tone out of this machine is no hard task!

The pedal was designed as a preamp to go into the power amp section of an amplifier, it sounds like it was hand-wired by Satan in his gear workshop in deepest lair of hell. 


The AMT E-1 also allows you the option of going direct into the mixer out of the cabinet emulated out! But I think this pedal shines when taken seriously and plugged right into a tube power amp OR into an impulse response on your computer.

I’ll post up some clips soon! I haven’t had a chance to demo this baby yet, but I know it’s its own beast from all the research I’ve done prior to purchasing it.

Oh, and, it’s only $129.99; ENGL tone for that much? Get outta here! 


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