Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fresh Album Making Updates

Hey guys!

So we're closing in on the making of this record! HOORAH!

We've got a couple of songs to track the guitars and bass for, vocals/lyrics finalization are happening next week, solos and finalization of all production/sound design layers elements is on the menu for the upcoming weeks as well!

Andols Herrick has one more drum tracking session taking place through the next week and then we start pooling all the pieces together to finalizing this record.

We're extremely excited to share it with everyone! You are definitely going to be hearing our hearts and souls flowing through this album from start to finish. The songs are beefy, rich in many elements, and it's the soundtrack of the next chapter of the Benevolent family's life!

Stay in touch and be well! (Keep up with our updates on Facebook)


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