Thursday, December 29, 2011

Writing The New Benevolent Album 'B2': 40 MINUTES IN

Hey guys,

So at this point I’m 40 minutes into the next album’s (WORKING TITLE: B2. B for Brock Lesnar) playtime worth of finalized demo material. I would say that there are probably one or two songs that need some shuffelin’ and final touches as demoes to tighten up the structures and whatnot.

How happy am I with the material so far? I think it’s very different, I’ve got this tunnel vision thing going for the next album…the target is to get a very good collection of songs with lots of elements for us as a band to enjoy performing, and for the listeners to enjoy listening to.
There definitely seems to be a bit more of a technical edge to the material, lots of polyrhythms, lots of odd picking patterns, and a continuation with the background textures that fill up the space of the songs outside of the heavy barrage spectrum.

At this point, there’s about two short(er) songs (between 4 – 6 minutes), and there’s a few other songs that run over 7 minutes.

Inspirations for this album? I would say there’s a little bit of Meshuggah, Scar Symmetry, Arch Enemy, Alter Bridge, Lamb of God, and some Katatonia-esque moments. So it’s a blended mix of really heavy low-tuned polyrhythmic riffage swimming in a melancholy sky of colors and textures.

One other thing that I’ve taken up through the writing process of the album is the use of different tunings just to keep things fresh and intriguing!

More updates to come!

Hadi Sarieddine

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